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About us

Company EVAP-DRY exists since 2001.

From the beginning our company has been focused on the dairy industry especially on evaporation and drying of the dairy products.

Within the time we have extended the scope of our services. Apart of concentration and drying techniques our company offers adsorptive and condensing dehumidifiers, air heaters – both steam and gas fired, process air filtration systems for the production plants in full scale, lecithin spraying systems for powders, liquids’ mixing systems, homogenizers, the bag filters and the heat recuperation systems from the exhaust air.

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Range of services

Falling film evaporators mainly for the dairy products
Spray drying plants for milk and vegetable raw materials
Bag filters for the spray drying plants
Process air and room air filtration systems
Adsorptive and condensing dehumidifiers of the process air
Powder packing systems fully automatic
Lecithin spraying systems for milk powders
Complete lines for milk powders manufacture and evaporators for fruit and vegetable juices including the control system and commissioning
Upgrading and refurbishment of the evaporators and dryers
Convective dryers for the fruits, vegetables, herbs etc.
Lyophilyzers (freeze dryers) in industrial and laboratory scale
X-Ray detectors
Optical sorters for fruits and vegetables
Troubleshooting in the dairy processing as well as in the lyophilization
Optimization of the processing for reduction of the running costs




EVAP-DRY i Wspólnicy
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VAT ID: PL8212630052
REGON: 143963851
KRS: 0000912142
Sąd Rejonowy Lublin Wschód W Lublinie z siedzibą w Świdniku, VI Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
ul.Stanisława Wąsowicza 9, 81-230 Gdynia
Prezes Zarządu/CEO
Janusz Jankowski