About us

Company EVAP-DRY exists since 2001.

From the beginning our company has been focused on the dairy industry especially on evaporation and drying of the dairy products.

Within the time we have extended the scope of our services. Apart of concentration and drying techniques our company offers adsorptive and condensing dehumidifiers, air heaters – both steam and gas fired, process air filtration systems for the production plants in full scale, lecithin spraying systems for powders, liquids’ mixing systems, homogenizers, the bag filters and the heat recuperation systems from the exhaust air.

Recently we started cooperation with company Ekonek from Spain that offers dryers type PSD (Pulse Spray Drying) and the bed dryers (Spouted Bed Drying). The PSD type dryers are used for drying of byproducts form the food industry (animal blood, waste yeasts from brewery, protein hydrolysates from slime of the animal guts). The test on dairy product were also carried out with the success.
The spouted bed dryers (SBD) are used for manufacture of granulates form various raw materials e.g. active sludge (WWT) and fermented sludge, fish and meat industry by products.

Since 2019 our company offers machinery for processing of fruits, vegetables, herbs etc.. The machinery includes convective dryers, lyophilization(freeze drying). Apart of that we also offer equipment for X-Ray detection, optical sorters and other machinery used in processing of fruits and vegetables.

We also offer the spray dryers for egg drying as well as pre-treatment lines before drying.

We also offer the modernization of the existing evaporators and dryers with optimization of the energy consumption and limiting of the waste emission.

For designing and execution of the projects our company cooperates with other suppliers that assure full professionalism during the execution process.

We guarantee full support to our clients during the guarantee period and after as well.

The satisfaction of our clients is the superior value for us.

We invite everyone to cooperate with us and we thank our all clients for the trust.