New products from PCD dryer

We want to inform that our Spanish partner in delivery of the drying equipment performed the test of drying of the vinegar with addition of a carrier. In short words, they produced vinegar in the form of the powder. Those who are interested we kindly ask for the contact via mail or phone.  We have the samples of the product. The interested may order a test drying on a pilot plant in Spain.

Other foodsfuffs can be tried on the pilot dryer type  PCD(Pulse Combustion Dryer).  These can be fruit juices, vegetable juices or blends of that products. It is possible to test hydrolysates with high viscosity (already tested for one of the Customers from Poland, with success). The PCD dryer gives very good quality blood powder (the test of the turkey blood drying was carried out).

We invite all interested to contact us.